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Peter Cox

There are always challenges being a business owner and Tradiematepro provides key business processes which can provide invaluable answers and direction to business problems which business owners experience on a day to day basis. Tradiematepro is a revolution for the Tradie Market! It will get members “ON” their life and on their business. It provides members access to all the relevant expert advice, strategies, and tools, to lead and grow their businesses. I’m looking forward to growing Leadership and Team Culture with the Tradiematepro tribe members! 

Peter Cox (Coxey)

CEO, Leadership Dynamics

Why I Support Tradiematepro

You can’t achieve anything great on your own but one of the biggest hurdles (and frustrations) I see for many business owners to grow their business, is the inability to access the right business experts, tools, resources, training and systems that will help them do this. Business owners are trying to find the right people to help them, but they either don’t know where to look or, help is often cost-prohibitive!

Tradiematepro removes these barriers and provides members with an impressive array of Tradie business training, tools, resources, systems and much more, all tailored for their own business! It’s an honor to be a part of the most innovative and exciting initiative that the Tradies market is likely to see for many years to come.

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What you get From Peter Cox for Being a Tradiematepro Member

Free access to the Coxey Full Throttle Leadership Course

The Full Throttle program will step you through a deliberate Leadership process to lead you to:

  • Grow in leadership.
  • Equip you to build a Winning Team Culture, which will bring about a change in behaviors to achieve your vision.

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