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Clinton Cowin

Back when I was plumbing there were quite a few groups getting around providing one on one business coaching, they were great at telling you what you needed to do but were missing the all-important step of guidance and training on HOW to actually execute all the great ideas.

Tradiematepro provides that missing piece of the puzzle by gathering together a bucket load of specialists that know their niche and combine to provide the specific know-how on turning the theory into practice and will allow you to turn all of those great intentions into a reality.

Clinton Cowin

Founder, TradiePad

Why I Support Tradiematepro

TradiePad is proud to be the exclusive technology training partner to Tradiematepro and excited to be working with such an amazing group of specialists.

We know that technology can transform your operations but it is just one piece of the puzzle to building a successful business.

We have partnered in this great initiative as we believe TradiematePro provides a complete solution to trade business owners. Leverage the expertise of this group of Pros and watch as your business is transformed for the better.

Experience Clinton Cowin’s Video Series on how to Implement Technology into your Business

What you get from TradiePad for Being a Tradiematepro Member

TradiePad one on one business assessment

Let TradiePad conduct a 90 minute one on one business assessment/Scoping Session that will help you with:


  • What technology you need to run your business.
  • How implementing this technology will support you in running a more efficient business.

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