Financial Expert

Matthew Jones

Tradie, business owner, coach, and author with over 25 years experience owning, operating and managing businesses. I learnt the hard way and understand that simply working harder and doing more, doesn’t guarantee financial and personal rewards.

My passion is to educate tradie business owners how to operate smarter not harder by increasing their financial intelligence. The CUBE business intelligence software platform demystifies the numbers so that business owners earn more, work less and create a great life for themselves and their family.

Matthew Jones

Founder, The Cube

Why I Support Tradiematepro

I am truly excited to be part of the Tradiematepro Expert community that has come together to help tradie business owners. As a business owner you cannot do it alone, you need a great support team in your corner. Tradiematepro is your support team! Power Up Your Numbers!

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What you get From The CUBE for Being a Tradiematepro Member

Subscription to The CUBE – The Leading Small Business Intelligence Platform connecting your data, team and insights.

“Know where you are, where you’re going and exactly how to get there.”

Your subscription includes access to:


  • Score Your Business – Rate how you are performing.
  • 12-month profit planning.
  • Real-time performance notifications.
  • Forecasting tools – business development, sales pipeline, cash flow.
  • Meeting management – assign individual accountability via assigning actions.

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