The Tradie’s Guide to Hiring Apprentices

Team management | The tradie’s guide to hiring apprentices Your business is only as good as the quality of your staff. Your earnings and your good name as a tradie are pinned to the services that your employees provide --not your marketing, and not your...

Why teamwork matters in a tradie business

Team management | The importance of teamwork. Why it matters in a tradie business In an interview segment of Robert X. Cringely’s Triumph of the Nerds, Steve Jobs tells an insightful story. He recalls how, as a child, he worked for an old widowed man who...

Team managers in a tradie business

Team management | Team managers in a tradie business Keeping a team functional is not easy. Smoothing out their kinks, polishing their work, and maintaining efficiency and organisation is even harder. Likewise, the road to self-management is rough and...

3 key elements of a self-managed team

Team management | 3 key elements of a self-managed team Being a tradie is demanding work. It’s physical, it’s tiring, and the hours can be a real killer. Running a tradie business is even harder –your schedule is packed, your tasks are endless, and you’re...

Top 10 team motivation tips for the trades industry

Team management | Top 10 team motivation tips for the trades industry Your workers are an investment. After all, your business can only run as well as the effort that each individual puts into it. This makes the performance of each employee a key factor in...

5 signs you have issues with employee retention

Team management | 5 signs you have issues with employee retention Employee retention can be a tradie’s biggest nightmare. Tradies are in short supply, the job market is changing, and people are always on the lookout for better opportunities. Most of them...

4 Tips for better time management

Learn how to spend more time on tasks that matter, and less time on ones that don’t with these top 4 time management tips

The top 5 signs of poor time management

Poor time management can lead to a whole lot of problems. Stop losing track of your time by keeping an eye on these 5 signs.

The top 5 books on time management

Check out our list of 5 amazing time management books to take your time management from zero to one hundred. Get empowered with these easy reads.

The importance of time management

Learn all you need about the importance of time management. The art of designing a system for productivity that leaves you with more free time.

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