Benefits of social media marketing

6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Despite being a cultural sensation that many love to hate, social media is going strong with around 3.48 billion total users to date. Whether you think it’s a vessel for meaningful conversation or simply a tool for oversharing, you can’t deny the fact that social media is a prime spot for business communication.

Best advertising for contractors

The Best Advertising Tips for Contractors in 2019

We live in a world full of unique and engaging ads. As a business owner, you might draw inspiration from ads that take on so many forms, designs, and media. There are so many possible ads to run and so little time (and money) to spare.

3 Methods for Improving Your Inbound Lead Generation

We understand the frustration that you feel every time you spend plenty of time and effort raising awareness of your business, only to end up with nothing. At best, you get a couple of views here and there, but nobody really completes the journey that leads up to the actual transaction.

Tradiematepro’s Top Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

The home building business is a large market, currently pegged to be a $56bn industry. While that means that there’s a lot of potential for sales, this also means that it’s a very competitive space. With the rising number of people looking to build homes, it’s crucial to make your business stand out from the rest.

How to get more construction jobs

How to Get More Construction Jobs

It is a well-known fact that having top-notch skills in your trade is the best way to provide value to the market. As a tradie, you do everything you can to practice and learn new skills. You’re ready for any construction job. So why aren’t you getting new clients?

Word of mouth marketing

7 Ways To Improve Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Think about the last time you indulged in a product or service because a friend of a friend had been raving about it. With social media constantly on the rise, catching wind of trends you just have to invest in are as easy as a single swipe on Instagram. You might come across an enticing celebrity endorsement that interests you—but hear a sterling review from a colleague or sibling and you’re sold.

cash flow problems

The tradie’s guide to fixing cash flow problems

What are some common cash flow problems, and why are they important to you? Simply put, a business encounters cash flow problems when they’re unable to pay for their liabilities.

cash flow forecasts

The tradie’s guide to cash flow forecasts

Forecasting the future of your business is important work. Whether it’s predicting peak seasons for your sales, anticipating price hikes, or projecting the outcomes of a major shift in strategy, peering ahead is a core part of running an enterprise.

cashflow manager

Cashflow manager and other must-have bookkeeping tools

Let’s face it: unless you’re really enthusiastic about Math, a good old pen and paper won’t do you much good in sorting your business’ finances. In between keeping track of your cash flow and figuring out how much you’re profiting from your service, you need to be smart about small business accounting.

cash flow statement

Cash flow statements made easy: The tradie’s guide

Your business’ finances are likely to be complex. You have to consider things like the costs of doing business, your pricing strategies, and taxes. Without a clear idea of how your business runs financially, you can expect your returns to be inconsistent at best, and imaginary if you remain in the dark.

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